Monday, June 28, 2010

Rockcliff Olympic 2010

ETA: The pics from NobleSports were posted - yay! The run pic is sick! Enjoy :)

Pre: We camped there at the venue. While yes you have to walk your stuff in 1/4 mile to your campsite with little carts, and the mosquitos are bad, it's way worth it to camp. It's quiet and close, not requiring any spectator trouble getting in or out of the park. Dropped my bike off at 6am and sent the hubby off on a 90 minute run. Then I went and actually set up my transition. I tried to stay calm, not get stressed about not being in transition the whole time like I'm used to. I needed to share my time, there was trail, he needed a run, and it was going to be way hot after, so I needed to share. It worked out fine, just a little pushed at the end (the 1/2 mile walk/ride/run down to transition doesn't help when you're in a hurry)

Swim: 25:27, 3rd woman. Floating debris everywhere. Boats did their best to remove the big stuff, but I still ran headfirst into half a dozen large sticks. Interesting experience. Decent swim. Good water temp, little viability
T1: :41 Nice. Fastest T1 out of both men and women

Bike: 1:15.57, 4th woman. Not thrilled with this. I felt good until the turn around, well ok, I felt decent the whole time, I just wasn't thrilled with the time in the end. My front wheel started feeling weird at about mile 16 and that made me kind of nervous for the next 10 or so which may have made me hold back a bit. Oh well. It's gotten better than where it was even last year.
T2: :33. Another good one, 2nd woman. The first did it in 18 seconds! Props to her! (Unless she was in running shoes on the bike or part of a relay team, that was crazy fast and I want to see an instant replay - not because I doubt her, I just want to see that sweet action)

Run: 37:10, 3rd woman. What a tough course! First of all, it was SO HOT outside! As soon as I left T2 I had my jersey pulled up over my sports bra, and should have just taken it off. Oh man it was hot. The course is a mix of long flat straightaway on new dark black hot pavement, then a mile or so uphill climb, then some rolling trail with short but steep ups and downs. Cool course, but unfortunately it was probably a mile short.

2:19.46, 3rd woman overall. Good race, not great. The two ladies in front of me, especially Erin Collins just had better days than I did and hats off to them. Hate that I can come away from a 3rd place overall finish a little disappointed, but I am very happy with how I'm racing, and all that I'm getting to do this year. Love it!


Megan said...

Leslie - You did awesome. Don't feel bad about a third place overall finish! It was cool to race "with" you. Thanks for your shout outs along the course!

Jarvis Family said...

GReat job, Leslie! It feels good to hear that I am not the only one who needs to share my time with my husband. Just don't ever let yours get into ultrarunning... Or is he headed that way anyway? But you are way nice to let him run that morning. Way nice! He'd better appreciated it. :-) I won't tell Karl that or he might be getting ideas for Scofield... :-)