Monday, July 12, 2010

Someone get me some sunscreen and body armor - STAT!

I tell ya, my skin has seen better days. Friday morning I got to run with my friend Charity on some trails up behind the avenues (killer hills I might add), and only a few minutes after thinking how it'd been so long since I'd fallen last, years really, I fell. Nothing too horrible, everything is still intact minus a little skin, but it's sure tender. The arm was the only real bleeder and it was kind of gross, but the leg is more tender to clothing or touch -although my arm doesn't let me into my aero bars :( I'm a dork and forgot that hydrogen peroxide does indeed burn and put some generously on my calf there - yeah, scared the kids a little with my labor like breathing to get through it.
Then we move on to tan lines. I've grown up with a good swim suit tan line on my back for years, but this year I have very little swim suit tan, and a hard shorts line. Does that tell you where I've been spending most my time? Yup, on the bike. I try to even it out running and at the pool, but it doesn't seem to be helping. Pretty sure it got its start at IMSG where I neglected any sunscreen for my legs. But don't let that fool you, I'm normally very diligent about sunscreen - no skin cancer for this girl please!

You like the neapolitan look I'm sporting? The camera lighting is weird for some reason so my skin looks horrible, but notice the 3 levels of tan I have, and the road/trail rash on my calf. Oh yeah..... :)
And speaking of IMSG, it's hard to see in this pic below, but I had a vertical 27 sunburned into my left calf for at least a month post race. It was awesome! What wasn't awesome were the painful sunburns on the small of my back from the place where my jersey and shorts don't match up. Serves me right, the only time that happens is when I wear my little shorts to get a good tan, not my PowerTri shorts. Oucho.

Keep that sunscreen on ya'll! And watch out for rocks :)


trikarie said...

I am totally there with you on the tan lines. I got my bike shorts tan line, despite using sunscreen, I have the nice tramp stamp tan on my too!

Jarvis Family said...

Man, I am sorry about all the road rash. Does not look like fun! My back looks the same. Half the time I forget to put sunscreen on that little part between shorts and jersey! I actually thought you would bike in a swim suit as to not get weird tan lines... Were not you saying something like that in SG??? :-)