Friday, July 16, 2010

Anyone miss 'The Wall' from IMSG?

Well no worries then, Scofield's Escape has got one! :)

I had the chance to train on the course a few weeks ago, and it's so cool. Challenging for sure, but so cool. Here's the low down. We swim 1.75 miles from an island in the lake. They drive us out in boats and we swim back. Then comes a 39 mile bike. This is no 'shorter than a half ironman bike though. We ride a nice pretty much flat 8 or so miles out to the canyon, then turn right and head UP. In the next 5 miles while riding along a coal mine (which I think is super cool, stuff I imagined as a kid) in the heavy beautiful forest, we climb 2000 feet in elevation, topping out at 9600 ft. And boy oh boy, those last 2 miles are brutal! Standing, barely moving, switchbacks to the tip tops of the trees. It's so so pretty. Then is a quick 2-3 mile descent down about 1000-1500 ft into the valley leading to Electric Lake below. From there it's another 2-3 miles rolling curvy road that reminds me of one of those 'zoom zoom zoom' car commercials, to the turnaround.
Then you do it all over again...backward :) Which I don't think is as hard, but you do get to climb up Scofield's 'Wall' which looked so similar to IMSG's the first time I rode it. After the quick descent down the mine side of the canyon we ride back into the tiny town of Scofield and back to the park.
And after the epic bike we encounter a 10 mile run, out and back on hot, black, totally exposed 11:00am. Enough said there. Yes there are no hilly, but oh baby it's gonna be hot!

Without further delay, here's a little photo tour of the course for you.

Turning into the canyon and beginning the climb. Love the foresty look and feel

The mine tunnel that travels with you for the next 3 miles

On top of the world!

Beautiful view from atop the Scofield 'Wall' Note the lovely winding brook to the left

Hopefully they won't be out on race day, but I got to ride through a whole herd of sheep on the road.

Past the sheep, time to head back up Scofield's 'Wall'

And back along the lack into town. Looks fun doesn't it! See you tomorrow Scofield!

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