Saturday, July 24, 2010


That's right folks, time to break out the pink....AND the skirt! That means I want to have fun, take it casually, not worry about the competition side of things. I am a very indecisive person, probably the most ever....I think ;) so only signed up for Stansbury the night before debating between the tri and a competitive 10k, but in the end, decided I wanted to be able to do the sport I really love, just for the fun of it. Now it isn't that I don't have fun racing more competitive races, I do (why else would I put myself through that pain?!?), but this one I could approach without my race kit on, enjoy the course, smile, just have fun.
Well, turns out it worked pretty well. Swam a 10 minute something (short swim), 1st lady out of the water - sweet! The water was warm and murky, but at least didn't taste bad. The bike was very flat, but had lots of turns. They were well marked and manned by police officers, and did slow you down a bit obviously, but made it fun too. I was passed by the first lady about 5 miles into the bike. Here's where I had to decide "am I here for fun, or do I want to race her". Well, I did a little of both :) Tried to stay pretty close to her, but didn't go too crazy. Averaged 21.7mph, not too badQuick transition, and onto the run. Uhg, my stomach was sloshing with liquid the entire run. That makes things so uncomfortable, especially to try to push it which by this point I was. I ran the first 2 miles comfortable behind lady #1, probably 20-30 seconds back, she was always in my sights. I ran strong, but didn't seem to make much ground up on her, and it sure didn't feel good with my stomach as it was. We were down to that last mile and I had crept up a little bit so I figured I might as well at least try to catch her, so I pushed a little harder and eventually caught her with about 1/2 mile to go and then really ran strong. I never looked back, figured she'd be right there, I just had to give it what I had, and that I did, throwing up a bit 50 yards from the finish line in front of a bunch of spectators. I apologized and continued on my way very happy with a WIN! 4th overall among the men too. 20:27 5kI had a bunch of teasing about "I thought today was play, you weren't taking it serious", and "it must be the skirt", but I guess when it comes down to it, I do really like to compete and push myself. I DID have FUN though, and I DIDN'T take it too SERIOUSLY. It was chill :)
2nd place, a cool lady named Beth wasn't there for awards unfortunately
So anyway, there you go, quick race report, short and sweet. Glad I went and played. It was so fun to meet so many people too. I had several people come up to me after saying that they see me at the races, compliment my sweet bike (she is kind of pretty eh? I'm still not 100% used to bike complements), and tell me they read my blog. That's awesome! Thanks for coming up and talking! I'm so happy to have blogger friends even if we've never met- real life friends are great too - so speak up! Leave me a comment and tell me you're there!


Jarvis Family said...

Great job, Leslie! I love having fun and being fast at the same time. Because it is all for fun in the first place, right? My sister-in-law once told me that I must enjoy the pain and I guess she is right! That was a smoking fast run! Awesome!

Michelle and Justin said...

Great to meet you at the Stansbury race! Great job on your win. Looks like I'll be seeing you at BAM.

Happy taper!