Tuesday, September 1, 2015

10 days till Wasatch 100 - The Final Countdown!

Commence music video 

I'm so excited for this race!  Feels like one of the few I actually trained specifically for.  Not to say I don't train, but I jump into stuff last minute, a lot.  This one has had a dedicated plan.  I didn't over race the summer because I wanted to be primed for this one physically, but also mentally.  I am very thankful to be feeling not only strong, but healthy!  I want to take these last 10 days and detail some of the gear I use that I love and keeps me going.  I also want to document a little of my training over the last several months.  I'll try to keep the writing short but definitely include photos.  It was a very unique summer for our family.

Until tomorrow, here is a really cool look at the course from above from fellow runner Chihping Fu.  The last 15 or so miles have changed, but this gives you a good idea what next Friday and into Saturday will hold.

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