Friday, September 25, 2015

Wasatch afterthoughts

I'm good. I had a rough first weekend frustrated with how I handled Wasatch, but really started feeling ok about it all the Tuesday after the race. I did race most of it really well and am grateful to be able to claim 2nd place at a race like Wasatch. No I didn't perform as best as I could have, no I'm not happy overall with my race, but I'm ok with it. I'm not dwelling on it. I can and will learn from it. 

Now the problem is the itch to race again, like right now. I wonder if I'd feel it as much if I had had the race I wanted. A combination of things make me want to race again soon. So soon I really considered doing the Bear 100 today. I think what contributes to my itch to race is wanting a do over and the chance to control and handle myself better, using the great fitness I built, and the fact that I have recovered physically really well so far!  

But I don't have anything scheduled and do want to take care of my body. Although I am considering TNF 50 in San Francisco in December. School however has kind of smacked me in the face since finishing Wasatch, so we shall see. 

I am enjoying not working out based on a training schedule and just doing what sounds fun when I have time and spending more time on other things, but I can fall off the wagon pretty hard and I think having a workout plan is good for the rest of my unorganized life. 

Anyway, that's about it. I've run a few times since Wasatch, spectated a few races last weekend with my family (and watched friends who also did Wasatch and raced already- jealous!) and spent more time out with my 3 year old during the day and less time napping :) I hiked a great fall hike today with a friend.
I'm ok with being ok about my race and I'm really glad I can wear this shirt :)

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