Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Home again, final Wasatch training

We got home from our trip July 25 and moved into our new house that week. Then I ran Katcina that Saturday. It was a very crazy week. Katcina went great and really motivated continued and serious work to be done.  My goal now for the next 5-6 weeks before taper was to get up in the mountains and on the course as much as possible. I also spent as much time as I could running during the day. That's hard to do with my youngest at home and a working husband, but I got a bit of heat training done.  Also ran on the road about once a week. Speed work is good there, as is radiating heat.  

Wild flowers motivated me to get out as soon as we got home. Literally. I feared I missed them while we were gone so the first morning home I was up high with friends to see what was left. And it wasn't too bad!

Yeah, this is home. Katcina course near Lightning Ridge

Went up toward Chinscraper at 4:30am one morning, and got lost
Another 4:30am start for a neat Flattop peak. Great group outing 
Yet another early morning from Big Mountain to Lambs with new friend and amazing lady Toby
A quick jaunt up to Catherine's Pass before trail work. While these two were curious about me, mom and dad around the next corner were not. I've never been charged by a buck. That was exciting. 
Great new trail coming between Dog Lake and upper Desolation Trail. No need to go down to Blunder when it's done. 
Quick easy morning with sweet friend Dana 
Had an amazing morning up near Big Water and Dog Lake. 2-40 min tempo hill climbs wasn't easy but was so satisfying to finish strong. Had an emotional moment, as is typical in the mountains for me, just so grateful to be healthy and outside. On Instagram I posted this and basically said Get Outside!  Anyone could see what I pictured below. It's a 20-30 min walk from the paved parking lot. And it's amazing. 
Saw my first taste of fall too! 

Now onto part of the course I hadn't seen yet. Back to Big Mountain again, KenIe and a new friend and I set off backwards from Big Mountain and got lost a few minutes later. We explored a new area and then realized our error and watched the course from afar for an hour. Oh well, we got the time and miles in (I had to finish 4 when I got home so the babe and I ran to the park and back). 

Left the end of a family camp out over dressed on purpose (on top anyway) during the heat of the day to run up to Desolation Lake
Felt really good. Really happy with my uphill trot right now. I love me a good powerhike section but know there are places I hike I could probably run. Feels good to be doing that
See you soon Red Lovers Ridge!

Some of the road running I do passes these fine friends. Llama llama!
Now not all my running has been kittens and roses. This morning while beautiful, did not feel good. I got it done but it was awkward feeling and difficult. I tried to put it past me as just one of those days. 

My last year of nursing school started back up. Boy can sitting take its toll!  I do my best bringing lots of healthy food and water and my roller to keep those affects at bay. 

On to the last long hard run before Wasatch!  A repeat of GrandAire from early June. My choice. I wanted to compare my fitness. I thwarted that a little by doing it during the day rather than early morning. 
Peak #1. This face is the result of the west side of Grandeur. I hate that side! 
But the view up there looking south is my favorite!
I was grateful to be at Peak #2 after a long hot climb up, but was low on water and couldn't wait to get the 4 miles back down to the river. It's so hard to ration your water when it's hot!  
After I filled up in the river I had to wait 30 minutes for the water purification tablet I used to dissolve. THAT was a challenge!
And, this is what peak 3 looked like. Ok, so I was staging this and thankfully not feeling dead. Worked, but not dead. 
Now to get down the side I hate so much. I saw a deer trail off to the north ridge on the way up and decided I'd try that on the way down. Totally worth it, way more runnable!
My time didn't end up being faster, 5 min slower actually, but I'm ok with it. I did it in far warmer conditions and came away from it feeling better, especially after. No messed up knee this time!  My body was pretty fit this time even though the time didn't reflect it. Great to be done with the big stuff!

The next night after my husband and I spent some time in the Draper LDS temple, he dropped me off at a trailhead nearby, and drove home. True love :) 
It was a quiet peaceful night and the end of the run felt a little harder than I expected so I felt good knowing it really was taper time now. 

Looking back at my photo history I guess I haven't documented any of the taper, but it's been good. I'm very excited for Wasatch now in 3 days!!  
We do currently have a wildfire only miles from the finish line that's put a lot of smoke in the air. Fingers crossed it clears!  

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