Monday, November 23, 2009

Best way to explore

Is running! Or biking, or swimming...... ok, not so much, but cycling yes. I had the opportunity to fly out and stay with my twin sister Stephanie in Michigan this last weekend for our birthday and snuck away for a little 6 mile run Saturday. I would've loved to explore longer, but there was shopping to be done! :)

Oh and pedicures! This is the about the prettiest you'll ever see my toes - thanks Sis!

Check this burger served at Steak n Shake. Yes folks, that's a Wisconsin Buttery Steakhouse burger. A cheesburger "slathered in butter". Wow. Seriously? Yikes

On to the lovely run. I ran around this cute little lake. A nice paved path like the JRT here. 1.25 miles around - how sweet would that be for speed work?!

It then continued through the "forest" in the middle of Lansing winding around a river and tons of tall trees. I even saw an elusive black East Lansing squirrel. I've never seen a black one before.

Continued over several lovely bridges like this one, and also discovered this cool inner city spot. I had a cool pic on the flower chair, but my phone somehow deleted it. Uhg. What a great run though! Perfect weather. I didn't feel any real advantage being at 800 ft vs my normal 3500ish but I did run 7:30 pace without pushing it.

And bonus points, maybe even a cool prize for whoever can tell me where this mystery pic was taken (Sis, you can't answer). Remember, I was in Lansing. Good Luck!


Jill said...

I've never been in Lansing so I'll pass on the guess...but I'm so glad you had a great time in Michigan with your sister. I didn't realize you were a twin; I have twin boys :).

A very happy Thanksgiving to you!!

Jarvis Family said...

I love to explore while I am running and I am about to do so right now... I am glad you got to hang out with your twin sis and are having so much fun.