Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's On!

Today marks the 6 month mark before the race. I've been waiting for this so that I can get started training and start the travel details. I was supposed to book our condo today but the guy decided not to rent those dates out afterall - uh that would've been helpful info say.....months ago! My parents and 3 siblings are coming down with us, so it's not like we only need a hotel room. So now the hunt is on for another 3+ bedroom condo or house that won't cost us a fortune. No easy task now that everyone knows IRONMAN is coming to town.
Just a tip for all you spectators wanting to come down. Book a hotel room NOW! You can always cancel it later, but there's going to be slim pickings if anything in the coming months. I wish we could rent out a big mansion and have all my family AND friends under the same room, that would be so much fun!
I ran with a good friend and experienced Ironman triathlete Charity yesterday and she helpfully reminded me to keep my excitement a little reigned in so that I don't overtrain and get mentally burned out. Sometimes I'm super excited for this and other times, like when it's 30 degrees out or there's snow on the ground, I think "Oh crap, what have I done signing up for a spring Ironman". but I'll get it done. 6 months can sound like such a long time, but then othertimes seems like it's right around the corner.
So here we go, my journey to my 140.6 mile payday May 1, 2010

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Jarvis Family said...

Way to go, Leslie! i hope you find a good place. I am so excited for you to do IM. You'll love it.