Thursday, November 12, 2009

Telos Turkey Tri

Pumpkinman was supposed to be my last race of the season, but it didn't go so well and I really wanted to end my season on a fun note. So I signed up last minute and raced the Telos Turkey Tri. So Much Fun!!!
It's a neat race because it benefits a school helping struggling teens, Telos. They train for triathlons and other physical activities as part of their therapy and they were all out in full force volunteering Saturday. It's also a fun race because there are a lot of newbies there, plenty of mountain bikes to go around. I think it's fun to be around newbies (until I get to the bike course and they ride in the middle of the road and in packs - ride to the right, pass on the left!) because you can see their anxiety, and their excitment. It's fun to answer questions and just to see them complete something they've never done before. Triathlons are so rewarding.
So the race started off with a 5k run. Mostly flat, some down, 1 longer climb back up to the finish. I ran it in 20:19, and I'm pleased with that. A friend and super cool girl Sarah was chating with me before the race and mentioned how I had the advantage today with us running first and all. She so graciously let me lead the race for all of 1/4 mile before passing me and beating me by 30 seconds or so. Oh well, she had a great run today and at least she was always in my sights. It would've been fun to just sprint up and catch her, but I still had a bike and swim to go.
Bike was 2 5-mile loops, so 10 miles total. Flat, fun descents, curves and turns while descending, then a big climb up 400 S in Orem to get back where we started. It was lots of fun and I handled the technical stuff well. I played cat and mouse with a couple guys through most of it then blasted past them on the last standing climb - that was awesome! You could totally hear them groan like "ah crap". I held my own pretty well today on the bike, I'm happy with it. I wish more courses allowed you to go so fast and have so much fun.
The 350meter snake style swim was in an indoor 50 meter pool. It wasn't that cold Saturday so I didn't feel any stinging getting in the water, but it was way too warm. Like swimming in bath water - not fun! I didn't realize how tired my arms were, and it was like swimming through cement sometimes. Short and sweet though.

I finished 2nd overall (yay!) and had a great time. That's all I could have asked for. Well, I could've beat Sarah Jarvis, but she's sort of super human, so I'll save that for another day when all the stars align perfectly. Seriously she's an awesome girl and it was fun just to try to keep her in my sights.
Oh and good prizes too -no hair products that day :) New running shorts and a Road ID gift certificate. Perfect weather with lots of sunshine, great friends, good prizes, a very well organized event, and fast racing - mmmmm, does it get any better than that?! I think not :)


Jarvis Family said...

Ha. I can tell you know I read your blog :-) Thanks for the compliments though. And I really thought all I could do was try to stay with you on the run but then I just felt really good ;-)
Thanks for such a fun race. I love it when there are awesome girls and friends there. SO much more fun.

Megan said...

Aweseome job Leslie! I'm glad you were able to finish of the season strong (since you had a less-than-stellar start to the season)!