Friday, November 13, 2009


Couple items of buisness real quick.

1. HAMMMER NUTRITION is having an awesome sale right now! Through the 17th of December they have 20%-50% off basically everything. Pretty sure they only do sales once a year, so this is definately the time to stock up. Nice part about this too is everyone can get the discount. Normally, if you enter my referal number 132708 as a first time orderer you get 15% off, but with this sale that discount doesn't apply. Luckily this sale has better discounts than that and is available to everyone. I still suggest entering my referal number if you haven't ordered off the site before as I'd bet they'll still throw some freebies in. Here are some examples of sale prices right now.
*Endurolyte 120 capsule bottle $19.95, on sale for $15.95

*Hammer Gel 1 serving packet $1.25, on sale for $0.95

*Hammer Gel 26 serving jug $19.95, on sale for $15.95

*HEED 32 serving drink powder $21.95, on sale for $17.55

*Perpetuem (for use over 2 hours) 32 servings drink powder, $44.95, on sale for $35.95

2. I finished up my last VO2 Max test yesterday and got it up to a 62.9 - Yay!

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Jill said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Leslie. I need to keep playing with the Perpetuem, I haven't had the opportunity to run a longer than 2 hour run until next weekend - but so far I think it's working. I need more data points ....

You'll have to tell me more about the VO2 testing!

Have a great week! So glad I found you and we're friends :)