Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another one bites the dust

Another week and another triathlete. No I didn't crash (everyone knock on wood, RIGHT NOW!), but I have come down hard with a good head cold since Friday. Who woulda thought riding in the rain for 4 hours could do that? :)
I'm doing pretty good today, probably thanks to Friday which I took off aside from swimming that morning. I've come to learn about and become connected with my body and no longer freak out or feel bad for taking an extra day off here and there. I can just hear my husband yelling in the background: "WHAT? Yes you do!" And it's true, if I slack off and don't get something done because I didn't play time management well or I was lazy I do get on myself, but when I'm sick or something hurts in an off way, I'll take some downtime.
So anyway, got to do a couple hours of speedwork outside on the bike Thursday which was great! I've been feeling a little sluggish on the bike lately, so it was nice to show myself I can still get the mph's up there. Saturday I got my recovery week ride done. Only put in 50 miles instead of 70 because of time -I had a hot date ;) and the fact I wasn't feeling very well, but 50 nonetheless. I'll probably do my long run from last week tomorrow.

This next weekend I'm headed down to St George for the Tuacahn Duathlon. Whohoo, a race! My body and competitive spirit have needed one lately. I plan to get a ride with 2 IMSG loops in Friday (90 miles) and hopefully an additional loop after the race Saturday. Yay for warmth!

*If anyone is headed down anytime this week and/or coming back anytime next week that has room for 1 more in their car will you please let me know? Thanks! I'll bring yummy healthy baked treats and gas money :) *

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