Thursday, February 25, 2010

A new addition to our family

It had been a while and we decided the time was right, and so we are pleased to announce the newest member of our family.....

It's a B ike! Faked you out a little right? That was the plan. We're still planning on that 99% success rate :)

Here's the birth, I mean bike story. I've been on the same aluminum frame, 650 wheel converted road bike I started on 10 years ago in 2000.
I've come to a really competitive place I'm excited about, but get frustrated by my drop in placement on the bike leg. I make up for it on the run, but I just really believe I could gain that little edge a better fitting, bigger wheeled, lighter more aerodynamic bike could give me.
PowerTri helped me get into this sweet new ride- the Quintana Roo CD 0.1. After a little complication placing the order it got placed last week. We were told it could take weeks to clear customs, so when I walked into the shop a week after ordering to find this, I was a little giddy. Seriously, it was Christmas like excitement.

We've been busy putting a couple other bikes together and getting hoards of new 2010 stuff out on the floor, but Heath started on the setup that evening, with little convincing I might say.

The next day Jameson helped me finish it up. I think there was a wee bit of tension taken out on my seat post.

Scary feeling seeing him walk toward my carbon with a hacksaw!

This has been a learning experience for sure. I had no idea hacksaws were involved in this process, a process where we cringe if a wrench gets too close to the frame or there are too many fingerprints.
We did get it all together though and I loaded it in the back of the car more carefully than I even do the kids at times :)

We were in such a hurry to get it set up and ready because I wanted to take it down to ride the course with before and after the race. Racing on a real, fast bike will be fun too, no worries there.
I finally got a chance to ride it outside today, and oh man, I tell ya, Where has carbon been all my life!!
The ride on the saddle was SO smooth! Carbon fiber is a material that absorbs more road vibration, and oh man it's nice. I wasn't sure I'd notice, but I do.

Very excited to take it out on the course tomorrow and see how she does. I'm not expecting to see huge increases in speed, but am hoping for a lot more comfort than in previous rides which will translate to a stronger ride.


Stephanie said...

Pretty flashy!

Megan said...

That so awesome! You totally deserve such a sweet ride. Have fun this weekend!

trikarie said...


I am so envious! Maybe in 9 years I will have my pretty bike! Until then I will be on my aluminum Trek, maybe at least year I will get it fitted better. :)

Crystal said...

I am so excited for you. I know you will put that baby to good work. You are one woman who deserves some nice toys. Enjoy your new ride!

Jill said...

Love the bike, Leslie. Very snazzy :).

Jarvis Family said...

I am so excited! It looks awesome! You totally deserve it. I know how you feel! (Except that I am still not on a Carbon bike but at least that gives me an excuse :-)
Merry Christmas!
And no, obviously I did not go down to SG this weekend but if I had you would have been the first one to know. Good luck tomorrow in the race! Put all that hard work to good use!

Nurse Heidi said...

WOOOOOHOOOO!! Snazzy ride you've got there!! Enjoy your ride this weekend!

JonathanMarathonMan said...

Leslie.. please excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard. That bike is so beautiful. Oh my gosh it is so beautiful. And yes like you said last week ( in the pre-release confidential news release)the green does look like my lime green racing shorts. I can't wait to see " her' in person. We need to go out and ride. I haven't taken my Felt out this year and it's getting warmer now.