Saturday, February 6, 2010

A good week

This week went well. It wasn't perfect, but much closer than the past month has seemed. Got a couple good swims in. Should have gone farther Friday, but just wasn't feeling it so much. I wish I could get some open water time in before IMSG! I'm hoping to go out to Blue Lake out near Wendover, UT in late March/early April, so that will be nice.
Bike wise, got my long ride done....all 4 hours....on the trainer. Yeah, not so much fun, but got er done. I wish my legs would have felt more toasted though. I felt like that 4 hours was more teaching me to keep going, stay on the saddle and in aero almost the whole time. I found an interesting trick to that yesterday too. Get a computer with quiet speakers, put your bike and old mag trainer near it, and be forced to use headphones that are short enough that if you come out of aero you'll pull them off :)

Side note - I watched Supersize Me, the documentary about the man who ate McDonald's for a month. Interesting choice of viewing options while trying to work out, I know. Anyway, just seeing how misinformed and uneducated people are about health, or maybe just their lack of desire to make the simple efforts to be healthy are disappointing. One overweight teen girl, after listening to Jared from Subway speak, said "well I wish I could lose weight but I can't afford 2 sandwiches a day like he did". She totally thought that was the only way to lose weight as we saw Mom smiling on in the background, overweight herself, just proud to meet Jared. It's just sad. It doesn't require hours of exercise a day, eating only organic food, etc to be healthy.
If more people would eat out less, eat more produce, buy less processed food, TEACH THEIR CHILDREN and just get out for a walk everyday we would be a much better people.

Back to training. I kind the 10% rule for increasing your weekly run milage this week. Ran 10 Monday, 9 Wednesday, and 13.1 today, all feeling good. That adds up to 32 miles for the week, only what, a 40% jump? Whoops. Not really though. That's where I should be, life just kept getting in the way. I took an ice bath today, and am hoping my foot will hold up. My next mission is to find a good sports massage therapist I can afford that I can see 2-3 days a month through IMSG to stay healthy.

So yes, a good workout week for me. Some stresses in other areas of life right now, but hopefully they will resolve themselves soon.
Hope everyone had a great week! Spring is on it's way, I can feel it!

My running pal Jonathan and I after today's run. He's a great running partner. We're very similarly paced for long runs and push each other well. I toasted him at the Moab Half Marathon, he got me at Ogden. We've got some fun banter between us, but he's got a lovely British accent, so it's all good. :)

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