Monday, February 15, 2010

To all those pushy people out there:

Thank You!

Yes, I said thank you. This was a recovery week, but it still took some pushing to get me out a few times. Speaking of recovery weeks, I'm sure ready for a week where recovery doesn't just mean less intensity but a week where I can actually do nothing (if I can handle that). In time, right? 11 more weeks.

The weekly workouts went pretty well. But then came the weekend. I had big plans to get lots of miles in with the extra day,
but then life and weather got in the way, er, uh, it was mostly me. Friday I met some friends from Blanding and we rode 40 miles out on the west side of Utah Lake. I'd never been on the west side, but really like it! Only 5 or so miles of residential streets and then lots of baren road with little traffic. Megan and Bill are doing their first half ironman race this year. Looking forward to it guys, keep up the good work!

Then Saturday was supposed to be the long ride, but rain stopped us. We decided to move it to Monday. I don't even remember what I did all day Saturday, oh yeah, took the kids to Ikea, ran some errands, and by the time we got home it was about 4:00. Still had a run to get in. I took a little 30 minute nap with my 6 year old daughter and pried myself out of the warm bed with some coaxing from my hubby to get out and get my run done. SOOOO didn't want to go out and do it, but alas I did. I do have to confess to using music the entire time which I really try hard not to do, but I needed the extra kick in the pants.
So I ran the first half out and back on one section of canal road, then the other out and back on a different section. I passed these two teenage boys about 1/2 a mile from my street where I would move to the second canal road section, and stopped to get my gel, flask of water, and Endurolyte
I tossed on the ground on my way out. Consumed said energy, put the flask, bottle of Endurolytes, and gel wrapper on the side of the canal road again to pick up on my way home. Well, I get back to pick them up and wouldn't you know it, they're gone. My lovely little friends tossed the gel wrapper and flask down the road, but the small vile of white powder filled capsules were gone. Bet they thought they really scored with some mystery powder eh? Well enjoy your electrolytes boys!!! Jokes on you.
As usual, I felt much better after the run and was glad I went. Everyone really does need a good push out the door some (a lot) of days.

So here we are Monday, looking forward to a drier day that the weatherman forcasted. 10am when I was going to leave? Cloudy, sprinkling. 11am when I was going to leave? Cloudy, still sprinkling. 12pm crunchtime, gotta get out of here, another push from the hubby, STILL cloudy and STILL sprinkling. Alright Mr Weatherman, you say after noon the SUN will creep out and chance of precip is only 10%. I believe you. And so I head out.
"Don't worry babe, the rain will stop and the sun will come out" I hear my sweet spouse say.
Sweet man, very supportive, very helpful with this IM journey, also very wrong! It rained on me the entire time, some times a lot harder than others, and was probably 40-42 the whole time. Had some wind, but nothing horrible. I got completely dirty though! I have a habit of that lately. This is me from a 7 mile trail run with Jonathan from Wednesday.
I have a big problem with staying warm on the bike in anything under 50 degrees. Today was great though! I wore my Columbia jacket that kept me totally dry and warm with only a short sleeve jersey and arm warmers underneath. Any roadie would've probably made fun of me in my non bike specific jacket with the hood tucked inside, but I was so grateful to be warm, that that'd be A-OK! Had a cheapie pair of dollar gloves underneath a new pair of Pearl Izumi gloves we won last month. Sweet! Again, warm and dry. Had very thin socks on under the tri shoes, Pearl Izumi ankle zip booties on, then neoprene toe covers on top of that. Feet did pretty good, but were definately the coldest part of me. And for the legs I wore tights over some tri shorts. And thank goodness for the tri shorts! Cause they got wet! Let me just say it was an interesting feeling riding through puddles and on very wet road with a split saddle (meaning it has a hole in the middle), very interesting cold wet feeling. And that's enough detail for that :)

Sorry this is so long. The ride was short what I needed, but I still got 60 miles in and you know what? Despite the weather it was actually a pretty good ride! I stayed warm so wasn't angry at the conditions the whole time, rode pretty strong, and was just with it mentally. St George would've been super great this weekend, but money has to go to other things right now (stay tuned.....). And you know what? St George would've been great, but I can get warm training in the next couple months. Today was a really good mind and confidence strengthening ride. I have no control over what the weather will be come May 1, nor any race day. This was a good lesson that I can go out and ride hard and have fun despite the conditions out there. I still give HUGE props to my Ironman Canada (or was it Placid?) friends that did an entire 140.6 mile Ironman in a day like today. Good on ya folks - there are some amazing people out there!


JonathanMarathonMan said...

That really cheered me up ! I ran 5.6 miles on the treadmill, slower than out on the roads but was kind of miserable working all day and wishing that it was indeed a holiday for me. Alas, I don't work for the Post Office so instead of their 26 + federal holidays I only get 6 and this wasn't one of them. Your photo from Wednesday looked like after you had showered. You had muddier legs on the run. I have my 4:30 slot free this Wednesday and let's stay out of the snow and mud this time eh ? I am tired of washing my running shoes in the shower every week. I hope to get some good miles in tomorrow and have my best week total mileage year to date. Good post, you are a great athlete who inspires me daily. Keep it up girl !

Heidi said...

Okay, seriously you are amazing. The motivation you have. I am sure you don't feel like it on some days, but seriously you are great. Just think in less then 3 months you can say, "I am an ironman or women (sounds better). I am cheering for you.

Also, I am embarrassed to say that I still have your Nathan trainer. No excuses, other then call me because I do not have your number, and I will bring it to you. 801-560-1061.

Jameson King said...

Way to go!!! I just ran and biked inside. I feel like a looser now. jk

I'm glad you've figured out a few things that keep you warm. Way to push through the mental block - that seems to be the hardest part.

Megan said...

It was fun to ride with you Les! Now on to another week of training...

Jarvis Family said...

You shoulda come down to Vegas with us. It was soooooooooo nice and warm. But I did not even bring my bike. That way it was all girls' time and no temptation to make them watch my kids while I am out training.
So are you getting a new bike?????!!!
Way to train in the cold! I guess I am a whimp.