Saturday, June 13, 2009


I worried a lot about the weather going into this race as it has been raining everyday (and hard a lot of the time) for the past 10 days or so. Woke up at 4am to finish packing, saw a discouraging forcast online, and was on the road by 4:30am, yes A.M. Well, the skies were cloudy at times, but seemed to be ok, thanks in part I'm sure to my friend's (Ann and Megan in particular) no-rain dancing. Thanks ladies!
Swim - 1500 yards, 25:00. Great! This was a really great swim for me today. We swam in Deer Creek Reservoir and I won't lie, it was cold. I swam there 3 weeks ago and really think it was colder today. So yes, getting in, letting the water in my suit (so I can get out and let it drain out helping to remove the suction factor) and putting my face in was, well, brrr. Took my breath away. That hasn't happened in a while. But once the cannon (yes there was a cannon) went off things went great. Wasn't cold, held a good pace, and sighted well - although I do wish the buoys were bigger.

T1 - Slipped a little on the moss getting out and headed into the transition area. I decided today with cold water and cool air temps that I was wearing my lightweight white fleece no matter what. I wasn't gonna let the tempation of a super fast T1 cause me the uncontrollable shivering I experienced at Kearns. A little hard to get on with wet hands, but definately worth it, I was very comfortable on the bike.
So I ran out of transition, and hopped on the bike.....almost. I swung my right leg over the seat like I do, must've lost my balence somehow and put my right foot down to catch myself. I guess I was a little colder from the swim than I thought as the foot/leg wasn't able to hold me up, I rolled it out and fell over, bike and all. It hurt and I was scraped up, people asked if I was ok, but I climbed up after pausing in pain for 10 seconds or so and went on my way.

Bike - 22 miles, 1:08. Again, a good day. This is a great ride that goes through Midway and Heber and has some amazing views! My favorite was some low clouds hovering right on the green moutain side. There were some sections I felt like I wasn't going anywhere for some reason, but I stayed in my aero bars most of the ride, pushed hard, got to go fast here and there, and wasn't passed by more than a couple women. My foot which I knew was bleeding a little, was hurting a bit now by the last few miles. I was hoping and assuming it'd just be a bit bruised and scraped, and was glad I left socks at T2 just in case as it'd be nice to not have the shoes rubbing against my wounds.

T2 - Approaching transition I slid my feet out of the bike shoes while keeping the shoes on the pedals to save time. It was a bit painful sliding the right foot out. Got to the dismount line, swung my left leg over much to the amusement of the volunteer right there who made a "nice dismount" comment. Upon setting the right foot on the ground and hearing his compliment, I let out a scream. It was horrible. I hobbled in great pain to my shoes hoping maybe they'd help, maybe I could run through the pain. Slid the socks and shoes on as comfortably as I could and hobbled another 200 yards. Oh man, so much pain. Not muscle pain, not scrapes, bone pain. I stopped, thought for a few seconds, tried to get going again and was just stopped. I wasn't going anywhere. I couldn't even walk without a lot of pain. I was faced with my first DNF (did not finish) EVER. I started crying. I took my shoes off and threw them on the ground, and started my hobble walk back to T2. The timing guy saw my moment of tantrum shoe throwing and asking me if I was done with the race. I said "I guess so", he asked if I was sure and I said yes. He said "I'm sorry, but I need to take your timing chip". I really cried then. I know it sounds exagerated and it is sarcastic, but it really hurt to let him take it, almost like he was taking one of my kids or something (again, note the sarcasm, having my children taken away would be much worse, you athletes out there understand what I'm talking about).

I cried pretty good walking back just devistated. Devistated at the pain, the injury, the fact that I wanted to, but I just could not finish the race. This course would've been perfect for me. A 6 mile hilly trail run. I had had a great swim and bike, I was gonna cap it off with a "bam" and well, I guess I did, a "bam" to the foot. Oh yeah and did I mention they lost my wetsuit after cleaning up T1? Yeah, no where to be found. Good thing is the race directors will work to get me a new one. Still, what a day.
The medics attended to me for a couple hours, and I got to chat with some kind friends as they came through the finish line. I hung out for a couple more hours with the help of my friend Chuck (who had a great race!) to watch awards then headed home.
We just got back from an Xray and it looks like a fracture on the outside of the foot. The films are going to a radiologist over the weekend and we'll see what he says tuesday probably. NOT that I'm happy about this fracture, but I'm hoping it's just that. The doctor fears there's a chance it's bigger and could need surgery (ie: pins!) to repair. Yikes, I know! But that is worse case scenerio, crossing my fingers that isn't the case. I also have a referall to go see a doc at TOSH (The Orthopedic Speciality Hospital) in Murray. They're smart, sports specific docs that should give me good council.

So what does this mean for me? It means I'm on crutches for the next 3-5 days. I won't be running on it for 4-6 weeks unless it really heals up in the next week (not a good idea though). Luckily I haven't sign up/paid for any other races till late August. But guess what's this next weekend? The Wasatch Back Relay :( I am SOOOO sad about this. Kicking myself for what happened. I haven't officially told myself this until now, but unfortunately I will not be running with my friends :( I plan on coming to at least the finish line to cheer them on and maybe a place inbetween, but no running I'm afraid. I'm totally letting these ladies down.
I'm so sorry guys!


Stephanie said...

Dang, I'm sorry sis!! I know how much your sport means to you. Let me know what the radiologist says. Better be healed up for Ironman! Hope the foot feels better soon, love ya!
P.S. I would have thrown a tantrum too :)

Ann said...

I'm SO sorry for you. I can't even imagine how you feel! I know I would bawl my eyes out too. Sorry about WB too! I hope your foot heals FAST!
P.S.I'm glad the no rain dance helped.

Megan said...

Leslie you poor thing! You didn't tell me to do the no-fractured-bones dance! Please don't worry about WB. We'll miss you, but everyone will understand, and I'm sure we can get a replacement from the waiting list or elsewhere. I feel so bad about what this will do to your race plans. I hope the final diagnosis is a relatively good one. Take care and get some rest!

Erin said...

Leslie, So sorry, that absolutely sucks, We will definately miss you this weekend. Stay optimistic you are strong and may recover faster than you think, i hope so anyway. Take Care.

Heidi said...

Oh Leslie. I am so sorry. We are going to miss you, but of course we understand. I'm going to be hobbling myself because of my dang IT band, but I'll try extra hard in honor of you. Take care of yourself. :)

Nurse Heidi said...

:(. The fact that you still rode 22 miles with a broken foot = superwoman in my book! Looking at your pictures of not being able to curl your toes up, that's exactly what happened when I broke my hand. It was the hand bone in line with the pinky, just a hairline, but it caused so much swelling that it effected my ability to make a complete fist for a good 6 weeks. At least you don't have to do that with your foot on a regular basis. Sending speedy healing vibes your way.

Sylvia said...

I am SOOOO sorry, Leslie. That ROYALLY SUCKS and I understand how devastating it must be for you. Anyone who even knows you a little bit knows how important racing is to you. You are in my thoughts and prayers, and I wish you a very speedy recovery. Don't let this get you down.

Stacey said...

Oh Leslie, I am so sorry. I have been there. I had a stress fracture in my hip. There is nothing worse than the disappointment of an injury. Good luck and I hope you have a speedy recovery!

Teresa said...

Leslie, how awful! I'm so sorry! I hope you are quick to recover and if you need to keep your mind off of it and do something fun, let me know!