Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pipeline Trail

I got my first real trail run of the season (I think) on friday evening. I ran 3.7 miles up Millcreek Canyon on the road then jumped onto the Pipeline Trail which took me back about 4 miles. The very west end of the trail has a great outlook on the valley below, but I was running a bit short on time so I got off the trail at Rattlesnake Gulch. Oh my word, it is sooo steep going down! I believe I descended 700 feet in just over half a mile I think. Then another mile or so back to the car for 9 miles in all. It was a great run, great scenery decent weather although bit windy at points, had to keep stable footing to avoid getting blown off of the cliffs :). I am so grateful for a body physically able to be trained to run in God's country and to get to see these lovely views (keep in mind they were taken with the cell phone, not top notch, I need to start bringing the camera). I also have 3 wonderful children I love more than anything, and I train around them, not on top of them. I'm so grateful for my husband who comes home to be with them and lets me go out and play.
A section of pipe. The trail apparently used to be a whole section of pipeline bringing water down the canyon A "lovely" view of the valley below. We've had a lot of wind lately, I think it's just dust in the air. Can you see the road below?

THE reason I trail run - single track under a canopy of trees!

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