Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Healing day 4 - TOSH Day

My mom and I headed to TOSH (the orthopedic specialty hospital) to meet with a hand/foot orthopedic doctor this morning. They took new x-rays while I was standing which was interesting. We got a better view of the fracture which is very close to a bad place to have it. It was close to a Jones fracture which do not heal at all most of the time. Mine however is right inbetween that Jones and the shaft of the bone. If it were either of those places it would be a screw no questions asked. Mine however is different. If I were a couch potato he wouldn't recomend a screw because I'd do nothing and let it heal. However, because I'm an athlete he doesn't trust me to do nothing. The recovery time is the same with or without surgery but the screw gives us a little added assurance it will heal and stay solid. If the bone ia going to heal on its own it will only do so if I do absolutely nothing on my feet but walk in the boot next month. Nothing for the next 8 weeks meaning no running obviously, no biking (LAME!), and not even any kicking or running in the water. Nothing that will move the foot basically. I barely talked him into letting me swim with a pull buoy (a floaty thing that allows my hips to float so I don't have to kick). But I can't even swim for 2 more weeks. Crutches and the big black boot for 12 more days
So I am a bit dissapointed for sure. I was really hoping to get to bike. My greatest hope though is that the bone will heal completely. If it does I don't have to worry about it happening again due to running, only if I do something stupid again
So for now I be lazy and get fat and go back to the doc in 4 weeks for new x-rays.

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