Sunday, June 21, 2009

Healing Day 8 - Wasatch Back!

The swelling remains much the same, a little better though. Sometimes when I've been up for too long the increased swelling and itchiness that comes along with it and the wounds on my toes and foot just drive me crazy. I melted down a little friday as my Wasatch Back girls were getting started. I was stuck home doing dishes, not being able to carry anything or get around anything quick because of the crutches, knowing I have another week till the pool and another 3 at least till I get back on the bike and 7 till I run and I just let myself have a little cry. I seriously believe my body is/was going through seratonin withdrawls. I maintain such a high level of it consistanly with being outside and exersizing like I do, I think my body was a little in shock. It's been tough, but one week down now, things will be better soon.
Back to the healing, I can put a little weight on my foot if it's in the boot, but I'm really trying hard not to, giving myself the best chance to heal I can. I think I'm going to see what the 4 weeks x-rays look like, and if things aren't healing well I'll strongly consider the surgery. Here are current pics. I find it interesting that most of my swelling resides near and in my toes.

My 'lovely' fat foot. The wound is taking forever to heal and the swelling keeps it feeling stretched and the boot fastens over it which is uncomfortable. The bruising is at it's peak now I think, down at the bottom and side of my foot near the break. My ankle is a pit puffy too, I'm guessing I probably did a little ligament damage.
As a nice distraction I did get to go up to the finish line to see my Wasatch Back girls. Here's what it looked like driving up. And I hear a couple of them got super soaked the end of Saturday. They did great great though, what troopers! I know they're all exhausted and probably sore, but what an experience. I'm definately jealous. I always hear "there's always next year", but that sounds soooo far away. I would've loved to have done my first time when the rest of them (save 1 runner, Lindsey) did their first times. Oh well. I'm glad they had a great time and let me run down the chute with them. Great job girls! My friend Heidi has a good race report and fun pics on her blog

My team. Thanks for letting me hang around guys

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